Konstantinos Papadoukas is a Greek artist who resides and works in Athens. After training on Fine Art sculpture in the United Kingdom at Wimbledon College of Art (UAL) and Loughborough University, he embarked on his own sculpture practice. Parallel to his own practice Konstantinos is a Sculpture Professor at Vakalo College of Art & Design (Derby University) as well as Head of the Arts at CGS World School.Early forms and sculptures included large scale metal and wood fabrications that over the years have been gradually reduced to intimate wearable pieces, which still carry the sculptural essence, feel and tactility.
His work revolves around notions arising in our modern, globalized and ever-changing societies, surveillance, monitoring and control being some of the primary issues discussed.The latest wearable pieces named reBirth focus on the disastrous effects of humans on nature as well the dehumanization of modern societies that favour the rise of the self.
"My aim is not only to create an aesthetically pleasing piece but to confront the audience with concepts that affect our modern ego centered societies…humor being an essential element”

Solo Shows
In the Mood for Luck, Estudio Gallery, Athens, 2021
Ισόβενα Νερά, Estudio Gallery, Athens 2017
The tunnel at the end of the light, Chios, 2013
The tunnel at the end of the light, Athens, 2013
Silver Spaces, Athens, 2004

Group Shows
What Now?, Plattform Schmuckkunst, Gratz, Austria, 2023
The Space Between, Precious Collective, London, UK, 2023
Adorned Lines, Dolce, Athens, 2021 - Publication
Ceramic Design, Mon Coin, Athens, 2021
Collectiva 05, Porto, Portugal, 2021
Premio Divino Gioiello, Italy, 2021 - Silver Award
Double Yellow Line, 9 Marta, Moscow, Russia, 2021
Show us your 'Rona, TempContemp, Sydney, Australia, 2020
Athens Jewelry Week, Digital, 2020
Wooden Jewellery, Gioiellodentro, Castello Di Drena, Italy, 2019
Collectiva 05, Porto, Portugal, 2019
Budapest Art Jewelry Night, Budapest, 2019
Athens Jewelry Week, Benaki Museum, 2019
50/50 CHEAPART, Artists and Designers in Dialogue, TIF Helexpo, Thessaloniki, 2018
JOYA 2018, Popeye Loves Olive Gallery, Barcelona, 2018
Collectiva 05, Porto, Portugal, 2018
Athens Jewelry Week, Benaki Museum, 2018
Ostralle 015, Dresden, 2015
Small Paintings, Eikastikos Kiklos, 2014
Summer of Euklidis, Off White Gallery, 2014
Instagrammers, Red DoT, 2012
Ofthalmofanes, Texnopolis, 2010
A3 sharing clouds, Athens School of Fine Art, May 2010
Electromedia Works – Cut Here, Apothike Factory, 2008
Blind Date #12, Thision Lofts, 2007
Visibility, 2007
Carte Blanche, Booze Cooperativa, 2004
Atopo, Goethe Institute, 2003
Young Artists, Texnopolis, 2002
Young Creators 5th Meeting, Nees Morfes Gallery, 2002
A6 Show, Lewisham Arthouse Gallery London, 2001
K/P Jewellery can be found at the following locations:
Benaki Museum, Pireos 138
Benaki Museum, Koubari 1, Kolonaki
Estudio Gallery, Kiriazi 19, Kifisia
Mon Coin, Thisiou 7, Monastiraki
Popoye Loves Olive, Libona 5, Athens
Thelonto, Chania, Crete